Wednesday, January 4


Twin nephews are the greatest!  We went to help my sister with Liam while she had her babies, and they never really decided to come, but lucky for us- 2 days before we were supposed to be coming home, the doctor decided that it was time!  We got to meet Lucus and Jude!!  They are so cute and sweet. I love them so much. I cant wait to see them in February! Pics of the little guys:)
The happy parents

Lucus on the left and Jude on the right

Lucus Heber
Jude Michael

Proud Papa
Happy Grandma

Super cute big brother
Could I have twins??  Loved it!
The happy family!!

  It was great to see the Bradys and enjoy the children fighting with each-other.  
2 things I learned:
Kinlee is ALL girl!
Liam is ALL boy!!

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